We are based at 2 Challenge Way, just off Barrack Street

What we accept

We will pay 40p/kg for:

  • Clean, good quality, usable condition.
  • All sizes, brands, and most types of clothing.
  • Baby clothes and plus-sized clothing.
  • Accessories, handbags, and jewellery.
  • Scarves, hats and gloves.
  • Summer and winter wear.

No thank you:

  • Clothes that are unclean or are covered with animal hair.
  • Excessive wear, stains, tears, bobbling, damp or odours.
  • Broken zips or missing buttons.
  • School uniform, homemade knitwear or personalised clothing.
  • Underwear or socks.
  • Bedding, curtains or clothes hangers.
  • Non-clothing related items.

These items will be separated and donated to charity.

These items will be donated directly by us, and therefore we cannot pay for them:

We can accept the below, that we will make sure benefits those in need:

  • Bedding, curtains and towels
  • Soft toys
  • School uniform - (this will be donated directly to the local uniform bank)

Any more questions?

 Visit our FAQ page.