frequently asked questions

What do you accept?

What happens to the clothes?

How much do you pay?

We take in good condition clothing and shoes that is able to be used again.

Please note that items may be checked by our staff before weighing.

For 40p per kg:

  • Clean, washed, good quality
  • All sizes, brands, and most types of clothing
  • Baby clothes & plus-sized clothing
  • Accessories, handbags, and jewellery
  • Scarves, hats and gloves
  • Summer and winterwear
  • NO underwear, work uniform, or school uniform
  • NO bobbling, smelly, animal hair, dirty, damaged, damp

For 20p per kg:

  • Paired footwear,  in good, reuable condition

Please make sure clothing and shoes are placed in separate bags.


Please feel free to donate:

 In good, reusable condition:

  • Bedding, curtains, towels
  • Soft toys
  • School uniform (this will be donated directly to the local uniform bank)

These items will be donated to other charities and good causes directly, therefore we do not pay for these items.

How much do you pay?

What happens to the clothes?

How much do you pay?

Dropping them off to us

We pay 40p/kg (in line with current market rates) for clean, washed, reusable condition clothes, bags, belts, costume jewellery, perfume, hats and gloves and accessories.

We will pay 20p/kg for clean, reusable condition paired shoes and boots.

Please make sure shoes, clothes and donated items are separated, and please note that items will be checked before weighing.

If you wish to donate your clothing, we can arrange local collection at our discretion. If you would prefer to have your items collected please get in touch. Due to costs involved, we do not pay for collected items.

We also give away up to 20% of the clothes that come in and help and support several local charities and good causes.

Please make an appointment for drop-offs prior to coming in to avoid disappointment.

07380 163342

What happens to the clothes?

What happens to the clothes?

What happens to the clothes?

 As a Social Enterprise

 Our social and environmental mission is to help local people in need, and local good causes, while saving thousands of tonnes of carbon while we do it. By creating a link in the life-cycle of unwanted clothing we can help reduce the amount of clothing going to landfill.

Up to 20% of the clothing is given away for free to the local community, for those in need, good causes and charities. If you or someone you know needs any clothing please get in touch.

We generate the majority of our income through wholesale trade, with some of our wholesale customers then selling the clothing on to people who cannot afford to buy new items. The clothing is sold within the UK, as well as Europe and Africa.

At least 50% of our profits are spent on good causes in the local comunity or to reinvest to help the business grow.

 We support local charities and good causes and have helped raised over £10,000 since January 2018.  If you know of a local good cause that needs fundraising, please get in touch.

Will you check the clothing?

Can you collect from my home?

What happens to the clothes?

We check all clothing as it comes in, to make sure it is reusable and what we accept. Please make sure you check our guidelines to save time when you come in.

We will not tolerate any rude or aggressive behaviour towards our staff and reserve the right to refuse service for any reason, at any time. Any abusive behaviour will be reported to the police and everything is under CCTV.

Can you collect from my home?

Can you collect from my home?

Can you collect from my home?

We can collect locally, however this is at our discretion and we will have to factor in availablilty and how many sacks you have. We do not offer payment for collected items due to the costs involved such as fuel and wages.

Please contact us directly to arrange your collection.